Upholstery Cleaning

Sometimes, a luxuriously clean carpet makes our customers want to buy new furniture.

Don’t do it.

Sometimes this happens. After we have completed a carpet cleaning job, suddenly, the furniture looks a little drab, sometimes, it looks dirty. Yes, dirty. There isn’t a nice way to say it. Sometimes, a luxuriously clean carpet makes our customers want to buy new furniture.

Don’t do it.

Our upholstery cleaning service will make you fall in love with your furniture all over again. By using similar innovative technologies used in our carpet cleaning services, we remove stains, soil, dust mites and allergens from your furniture as well.

Your living space will be refreshed, clean and beyond beautiful. Remember Green Cleaning Products, Scotchgard Conditioning & Deodorizing Solutions are always an option.
Just one more reason, our customers throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond are our best referrals. If you’d like to know more about upholstery cleaning, give us a call today!

The Hot Water Extraction Method we use for carpet cleaning is also used for upholstery cleaning.

Our upholstery cleaning solution and technique allows us to provide you with quality service.

  • Inspecting your fabric allows us to determine which cleaning method will be effective. It also allows us to identify any stains that require stain remover.
  • All fabrics will be pre-vacuumed and lightly brushed in order to remove any dust and loose particles
  • Upholstery is then pre-sprayed with cleaning solution
  • Using our upholstery wand the soil is then extracted by the hot water extraction method
  • Finally, fans may be placed to assist in the drying process

Scotchgard™ Upholstery Protection

Scotchgard™ adds a barrier of protection to your upholstery which helps repel liquid and block dirt which in turn can help keep your upholstery looking newer for a longer time.

Scotchgard has been an awesome “Go To” product for years ensuring a foolproof way to keep fabrics and upholstery protected and clean. A Scotch Guard treatment, we think, pays for itself many times over in the long term. A well respected and reliable 3M product, Scotchgard is a stain repellent for carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. Dirt, grime, and stains can’t penetrate fiber making a quick clean up a breeze.

A one-time treatment means that throughout the life of your favorite carpet, chair or couch, additional costly cleaning treatments in the event of spills and accidents, are virtually eliminated.

We offer Scotchgard Treatment options for all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.


Upholstery Pet Odor Elimination

Our pets are part of our family household and we all know they have pet accidents from time to time.

Clean-Tech Floor Care can help with that problem by using a special Pet Odor Stain removal solution.

This solution helps lift pet stains. It also helps neutralize pet odor and harmful bacteria left behind.