Unconditional Love, Pets & Carpet Cleaning

Furry Family Truths & Unconditional Love …

If someone told you they were bringing a furry living thing into your house that carries fleas, dander, germs, potentially life-threatening bacteria, and, may pee and poop on your carpet, would you be okay with that?

Well, 65% percent of U.S. households or about 85 million families say yes. In fact, most pamper and cherish these furry balls of love, aka dogs and treat them like princes and princesses.

Have you been to a pet store lately?

Masters of the Universe

We even follow these masters of the universe around outside carrying little plastic bags to scoop poop. What would anyone outside of our culture think about that?

Who is the enlightened being?

Anyway, we love our dogs to the ends of the earth and that’s a fact. And cats too, but they’re more discreet. And, they don’t really like to be followed around so much.

Unconditional Love, Dirt & Germs

The point is, we happily invite our furball friends into our homes despite their germs, fleas, dander, pee, and drool. After all, their companionship, devotion and unconditional love is totally worth it.

But sometimes, that smell! Oh, you may not notice it at first. The subtle whiffs of air that you hardly notice.

The dried pee puddle on the carpet. That spot becomes a favorite for repeat offenders. Maybe one day company stops by and you actually see them flinch when you open your front door.

It’s time for an intervention.

You Need Professional Help

That’s where we come in. Because you need professional help.

When we come into your home we carefully and methodically analyze the condition of your carpets.

It’s also important to share everything you know about “favorite” spots. In addition to our routine walk through, this will allow us to pay special attention to problem areas. We utilize the latest technologies and cleaning methods for maximum results. Pet-friendly cleaning products are also a priority, for sure.

Step by Step

Our walk through consists of five steps:

Step 1: Consultation and Inspection. This preliminary step assures that as our customer, you have a thorough understanding of carpet condition, your expectations and cleaning results that will be delivered based on the current condition of your carpet. If additional steps are necessary, discovery at step one will be established.

Step 2: We will pre-vacuum, pre-spray & pre-condition all carpeting.

Step 3: Depending on the soil content and type of carpet, a method for agitation will be initiated for best possible results.

Step 4: The carpet cleaning process begins using either a rotary machine or wand, which varies depending on the level of soil in the carpet. This process thoroughly flushes and extracts all embedded soils.

Step 5: Final Step. We post spray & rake the carpet to neutralize it back to its natural PH level leaving a fresh soft carpet when dry.

The Nitty Gritty

Here’s what you need to know about the Clean-Tech process as well as products and solutions that will hit it out the park.

The Clean-Tech Experience

Because urine and feces carpet stains are common challenges in many homes, products that deal with these stains and odors specifically are critical.

At Clean-Tech Floor Care, we use exceptionally effective methods that absolutely assure the best possible results.

Cleanliness doesn’t happen by accident. Choosing a professional floor care company that is trained in the most modern dirt busting methodologies is critical to an exceptional outcome

Enzymes Rock

One component that deserves attention is enzymes. By using product formulas that utilize enzymes we treat pet stains and odors in an amazingly effective way.

Here’s the 411 on enzymes, check it out. The following is an excerpt from “Simple Science: How in the World do Enzymes Clean?” by Nyco:

Contrary to popular belief, enzymes are not alive. They are produced by live bacteria and pave the way for it to work. Enzymes operate as helpful tools that catalyze (speed up) chemical reactions between bacteria and soils, making the bacteria more efficient. Enzymes work to break down complex waste particles into smaller pieces that bacteria can more easily consume. These smaller particles—organic wastes, urine, grease, stains—become “food” for bacteria to digest and break down into two basic compounds—carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

We use enzyme cleaning formulas specifically developed for carpet cleaning. Enzymes penetrate soft surfaces without discoloring them.

With a near-neutral pH, application ensures that the cleaner will not damage the surface. For new and/or old pee problems, enzyme cleaners are the bomb.

H2O2 Kills Safely

We also use cleaning products with H2O2 components aka as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed of water and oxygen exclusively which kills pee related organisms by oxidation.

Did you know hydrogen peroxide is considered the world’s safest of all natural sanitizers? It kills microorganisms by oxidizing them. When Hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material it breaks down into oxygen and water, meaning it is a non-toxic entity.

Further, peroxide based spot cleaning solutions are designed to work in tandem with other ingredients that penetrate, lift and oxidize stains. With the use of this solution, we remove even the toughest stains without damage to the carpet. Near perfection.

Just Say No to Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic in nature and holds many of the same properties as urine. Vinegar should never be used to clean pet stains.

Because dogs and cats urinate based on scent, vinegar can actually draw them to the spot where it was applied.

So please, no home vinegar remedies, okay? It will only exacerbate problem areas.

What We Do

We at Clean-Tech Floor Care take great pride in delivering a final product that is nothing short of exceptional. Plus, we know your pets and kids play on the floor, get down on the ground, roll around and play. This all happens in the safest place on earth – home. It has to be spectacularly clean. We get that.

After all, we have pets & kids too. It’s one reason why we take great care in delivering a safe, brilliantly clean, dry & cozy carpet, every time. Accept no substitutes.

We also offer deodorizing and Scotchguard treatments. By the way, did we mention our services are affordable? Yeah, that too.

After all, this is Florida and we appreciate how hard you work for the privilege of living in paradise. We’re family and we’re all in this together.

How Do We Do It?

We use state of the art cleaning solutions in tandem with highest level professional steam cleaning techniques, period.

Odor, microscopic germs, dander, fleas, dust mites are eliminated from your life as we utilize our expertise, innovative cleaning solutions and good old-fashioned work ethic on every single job. That’s how we do!

Remember perfumed applications attempt to cover odor. So, please be aware of imitations. Proper cleaning produces the absence of odor. That takes work, & that’s what we deliver.

Who We Are

Clean-Tech Floor Care is a local, family-owned business proudly serving our community with innovative, state of the art cleaning solutions for over 14 years and counting.

We are honored to serve our community and dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every customer 100% of the time. We take great pride in our product by offering exceptional cleaning services utilizing state of the art equipment and the latest cleaning solutions and technologies.

Visit our website or call to learn more about our step by step process to properly analyze your specific needs and become the architect of a personalized plan of action, designed just for you.

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