Tip-Top Carpet Cleaning Shopping Tips

No Joke

Yeah, well, maybe it sounded good at the time. The price was on the cheap side. And the guy, it was something about his voice. Besides you were tired of looking any way, plus he was available, like that day. So, you took that leap of faith.

Then this Joker shows up. Enough said.


How did you get to this point, one might ask. It happens all the time. You wake up one day and take a look at your carpet like you’re seeing it for the first time and decide, finally, once and for all, today is the day.

Today is the day you are going to do something about the dirty rotten grime sodden path of shame that look like something out of Jurassic Park.

Just Breathe

Today is the day. That once lovely, expensive, warm and welcoming carpet deserves a reincarnation of what is used to be. A karmic correction of sorts. Besides, you are better than “this”. Just because you might be guilty of a little procrastination doesn’t mean this offense against your carpet is a lifetime sentence.

Today is the day to make things right. And, just maybe some “Joker” was there for you, right at that exact moment. Don’t be rash. Take a moment, breathe, tap the keys, have patience.

Tap, Tap, Tap to Righteousness

Now, you courageously tap Google for the best darn floor care and carpet cleaning company in the land. Yeah, that Google is a legend in its own time, right? You’ll easily find, oh I don’t know maybe a hundred companies available in your area to get the job done.

That is, if you’re that one in a million who scrolls past page one (and who actually does that, anyway?). Of course, paid ads default to the top and you’re left to your own devices to find the best that money “can’t” buy.

Stay the Course

This is a worthwhile mission. Stay focused. You will find that one in a million miracle worker today. Yes, you will.

There’s just one little thing that money can’t buy. It’s call reputation. Sorry, but forget about the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and corporate franchises. Skin in the game is required to play with these kids on the block. And in this day and age, that’s just a tad passé.

And you know, somehow, some way, that cost is always passed on. Business 101.  These dudes & gals are not running not for profit companies, right?

Go Local

Now just suppose. Just suppose you could find a legit locally owned family business with an exceptional reputation via Google, Facebook, Yelp and beyond at prices that won’t break the bank with a reputation that guarantees success? That, my friend is golden.


Not only will your somewhat embarrassing excuse for carpeting be revitalized to newness beyond your wildest dreams, you will be supporting a family owned and operated business.

A business that fuels the success and financial viability of YOUR community as a holistic entity. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Think Outside of the “Box”

Also, an independently owned company has the flexibility and freedom to offer services specifically tailored to your precise directives. Interested in verifiable green seal certified, biodegradable cleaning solutions?

If it’s not part of a corporate business module, it could cost you. You know, because getting the exact kind of products or extra services you want may be complicated if it falls outside of corporate “box” directives. Just sayin’.

Reputation. Reputation. Reputation.

So, when you look for a floor care company that will successfully clean and cure your carpet science project, choose a reputation driven, locally owned independent business first.

Besides, cutting through all the red tape means that the efficiency of an independently owned company equates to very competitive pricing.

Tip-Top Carpet Cleaning Shopping Tips

Choose a company that has been in the game for more than two minutes.

Read reviews. You should be able to tell if the reviews have been written friends and family.

Get it in writing. Yeah, of course, you know what that means.

Ask for referrals.

Check out the viability of the company in the community – you’ll want to see a healthy presence on Google, Facebook, website and blogs.

Ask if the company uses truck-mounted cleaning units. This is important. These units consist of large tanks with an attached hose. The hose is used to suck water, dirt and debris from the carpet and transport it to the tank. Anything less than a truck-mounted unit may be no more effective than a typical vacuum cleaner.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. If it sounds too good to be true. It is. But, of course, you knew that.

Throw out these words in a conversation and then be quiet and listen:  dry soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, drying, neutral pH treatment … that’s a good start.

If you see the “Joker”, tell him nicely you have found your way to a stand-up reputation driven community leader in floor care and should pursue other endeavors. Someplace, far, far away.

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