The Florida Carpet Cleaning Conundrum

Paradise is a Clean Carpet …

Florida. Paradise. Said often and said often by so many. But, do you know what real paradise means in Florida? A beautifully, clean, mold and allergen-free freshly cleaned carpet. Why the conundrum? Because there is more to tackling this task and winning the war on clean than meets the eye.

You see, in Florida, keeping the sanctuary of your home free of little critters that call your carpeting home can be daunting. The devil is in the details.

Real Paradise is a Clean Carpet in Florida

We do live in paradise. This is true. Right now, warm, balmy breezes, pure beautiful sunshine & swaying palm trees shading the perfectly calm and temperate Gulf of Mexico waters is real. And it’s beautiful.

Plus, on average we have some of the cleanest air in the USA.

You Know It Doesn’t Come Easy

But at certain times of the year? Yeah, it’s man and woman against nature. Sorry, but as humans, we are not particularly partial to living with dust mites, fleas, larvae and eggs, pollen and spores, microbes, germs and mold that come with the territory when our “season” begins in earnest.

Our climate, humidity, moisture, and heat are a veritable petri dish for these organisms to grow and prosper.

Where do they live? The easiest place. Your rugs and carpeting. It’s all about gravity.

Thank Sir Isaac Newton

Gravity causes common household particles like dust, pollen, pet and insect dander, among all the other tiniest organisms to fall to the floor. Carpet traps particles.

Once these organisms have settled into your carpeting, they are no longer in your breathing space. Instead, they are under your nose and toes.

Proper cleaning is what it takes to remove them completely and totally from your home and your life.

Professional Floor Care & Mold Prevention

In Florida especially, dirty carpets are at a high risk for developing mold growth. Florida’s magic formula of humidity, heat, and moisture create the perfect storm for mold growth.

And when it rains, like it does during Florida summers, non-stop, moisture gets tracked into your home. Which, you know, is going to make the moisture quotient for mold growth even better, or worse.

Keeping your carpet properly cleaned by a professional floor care company prevents mold and mildew growth, and that’s just a fact of Florida life.

Professional carpet cleaning incorporates the use of high-powered drying tools that annihilate moisture.

Proper Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Pollutants

So, you know that Florida is “special” when it comes to extremely hot and humid conditions that promote the population growth of these tiny freeloaders, right?

But check this out – a dirty carpet can retain lots of sources of indoor air pollutants beyond pet dander, germs, and dust. We’re talking cockroach allergens, lead, and particle pollution, as well as grime and dirt.

That little tidbit of joyous news comes to you via the Environmental Protection Agency. Yep, toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and also get trapped in the carpet. Thrilling news, right?

Professional carpet cleaning is the cure. Proper carpet cleaning kills these bacteria by use of the newest technologies in cleaning solutions and formulas. Ain’t technology grand?

Eliminate Dust Mite Infestation with Killer Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Don’t be alarmed. Dust mite infestations are not uncommon in Florida. But that doesn’t mean as a homeowner it’s not alarming, because on some level, in our psyche, dust mites just seem like an unpleasant, bad thing.

But, how would you know, they are after all, microscopic. Plus, dust mites aren’t allergens, it’s the feces and body fragments they leave behind that are. Nice!

Sorry to tell you this but, because they are of microscopic size, these particles can be inhaled exacerbating allergies.

Professional carpet steam cleaning obliterates these little demonic microcosms. Your carpet is exposed to high temperatures through the steam cleaning process and dust mites can’t take the heat.

What We Do

So between our African dust outbreaks, extreme rainfall, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical cyclones, El Nino Climate cycles, and serious heat & humidity, we have an important job to conquer.

You see, we at Clean-Tech Floor Care take the war on germs, mold, pet dander and allergens living in your carpeting pretty seriously. There is no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning job done thoroughly and completely. Did we mention affordable? Yeah, that too.

After all, this is Florida and we appreciate how hard you work for the privilege of living in paradise.

Who We Are

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