There is a difference in the available quality and types of carpet cleaning in Tampa Bay.

There is a difference in the available quality and types of carpet cleaning in Tampa Bay. Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. We have other alternatives other than steam cleaning; specifically what is called “Low Moisture Cleaning,” also known as “Encapsulation Cleaning.”
With carpet cleaning, you are doing much more than just cleaning and deodorizing your carpets and rugs. The process involves deep cleaning treatments that, in addition to getting your carpets spot and odor free, provide extra layers of protection that help restore them to their natural beauty and keep them looking brand new for much longer than with standard rental machines.

The deep cleaning process we use here at Clean-Tech Floor Care to care for your rugs, carpets, and upholstered fabric involves a carefully laid out plan of action to ensure you get the quality carpet cleaning services you deserve.

Carpet Cleaning: Step-by-Step
Step 1: We consult with the customer and inspect the desired areas to be cleaned. The process here is a basic idea and each customer may or may not need additional steps.
Step 2: We begin to Pre-spray & Pre-condition carpets.
Step 3: Depending upon the soil content in the carpet we will choose from a few methods for agitation to help ensure better cleaning.
Step 4: We then begin the carpet cleaning process with ether rotary machine or wand, this again will vary on the level of soil in the carpet. Our process will thoroughly flush and extract all embed
soils out of the carpet.
Step 5: Last step we will post spray & rake the carpet to neutralize the carpet back to its natural PH level leaving a fresh soft carpet once it’s dried.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing, misleading information out there. Who can you believe? One good place to start is the carpet manufacturers themselves. Most manufacturers, including Clean-Tech Floor Care, recommends the preferred hot water extraction method. Give Clean-Tech Floor Care a try. Schedule an appointment today!